About Me

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I'm Chef Jen, and I cook with love 


A native of Houston, Texas, I grew up with a deep love of Southern cuisine. With 18 collective years of experience in the beer, wine, restaurant, and catering industries, I am confident I can take your catering dreams and bring them to vitality. 


My domestic culinary career is highlighted with my junctions in New Orleans, Austin, and Chicago with accented sprinkles from stints abroad.  As in every specialization, every place I had anchored and their communities provided me with unique opportunities to explore cultures and their respective cuisines. I am stemming my love for Global fusion food and my approach to cooking to reflect the realization and respect that food is essential to every culture.


I want to turn your gathering into an experience. Whether it's a dinner party in your home or a party at your unique venue, Plenty will be there to provide specially crafted menus and staff to make your time with your guests extra special.

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Things I am Passionate About

Handmade Food

Only using the finest and best ingredients to bring you comfort food at its best.  Everything I do I make with love.  

Locally Sourced & Unique Ingredients

I strive to use locally sourced insgredients to ensure you get the freshest and finest sourced products 


It is the spice of life, literally.   I love variety and can take your unique meal and ingredients and make the occasion extra special